Immediate Action Needed

URGENT: Solidarity with the peoples of Oaxaca. We are currently setting up an account to help raise funds for our compas in Mexico that are devastated by the 8.4 earthquake.

To the media To the National Indigenous Congress (Congreso Nacional Indígena) To the paisanas y paisanos To people in solidarity in Mexico and abroad

Comrades, with great joy we can communicate that we survived an earthquake of 8.5 degrees, and after that, the throat knots our soul and the tears want to clean the images that we can not believe, but that we have before our eyes.

On the night of September 7 at approximately 11 pm local time, an earthquake shook our territory (communities, municipalities and neighboring states) causing human losses and severe material damage.

On the night of the 7th and 8th, we gave ourselves the task of preparing our souls and then going out to meet the reality that afflicts us. We visited houses, families, friends, we cried, laughed and went on to realize that the most spectacular are the fallen houses, but the most tragic is in the houses that did not fall but that are uninhabitable.

Thousands of families, with minimal economic resources, find themselves living in patios with their few assets, the product of years of effort, or in makeshift camps that have been created in the sports fields of populations that have hills or mountains.

We found that, mainly in Ixhuatán, the municipal head, to our own calculations (remember that we failed integral calculus) 70% of the houses have severe and irreparable damages. We ran out of electricity, there is no phone, no internet, slowly re-establishing itself.

Until this moment we have been able to survive with our own. Nevertheless Ixhuatán depends on the field and the sea like sources of employment, that in these moments have been impossible to realize. Women who work in their ovens, kitchens, houses can not continue to work because of the loss of their means of production. This gives us a panorama of uncertainty for the next few days.

Our high school, the house where we have met many of you, counts it as a total loss because it presents severe damage to the columns and walls. For our part we have already started the school period and at this time we do not have spaces for classes, because we do not want to let the boys and girls remain inactive, so it is necessary to recondition or rebuild 3 classrooms as soon as possible.

We call on everyone:

To our paisanas and paisanos, so that we do the necessary rituals so that the spirit returns to us and we stand. The reconstruction of our people depends not on gifts but on daily work; do not rely on aid because now, such aid can come from the wind-turbine industry, or mining or transnational companies that stalk our territory and are willing to use this tragedy to gain our confidence and steal the goods we have been caring for centuries.

To the paisanas and paisanos who live outside Ixhuatán: to talk to the family and ask about the events, listen to their relatives, do not tell them other events to avoid growing the panic that already destroys us.

To those who, since we were without communication, have asked us about the situation, so that, in solidarity, we can get that solidarity through organizations or families, so as not to empower political leaders or petty interests, to channel the supplies they can put together, we need bottled water, grains, canned food, toilet paper, detergent, sanitary napkins, medicines and, in case of supporting the reconstruction of the prepa, construction materials.

The high school, as a part of the community, is available to receive the support and distribute it among people who have real needs of it. For those who prefer to make donations in cash we have the account 5579090015702070 of Banco Santander, on behalf of Mikh Dalia Korey Aquino Álvarez.

The election season is very close and the runways of candidacies are prepared, so we do not doubt that the misfortune is a good springboard to launch their political campaigns. To politicians and religions, we ask you not to profit from the pain, the impotence, the shock of our countrymen and civilians.

This is the time for our indigenous peoples, this is the time to proclaim our autonomies and rebuild the peoples we have been.

San Francisco Ixhuatán, Oaxaca, September 8, 2017

Help us in

Banco Santander. Cuenta: 26022057386 Clabe: 014100260220573865. A nombre de Mikh Dalia Korey Aquino Alvarez


BANSEFI Cuenta: 0070814694. CLABE 166616000708146947. A nombre de: Patronato Pro Escuela Preparatoria por Cooperación de San Francisco Ixhuatán, Oaxaca A. C.